There is a beauty in awakening oneself to awareness. Yoga is for everyone.

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If you can control the rising of the mind into ripples, you will experience yoga.

– Swami Satchidananda

yoga with lacie

Honouring the ancient principles of yoga and devoted to enhancing the health and knowledge of her students in a supportive environment, Lacie brings centuries of wisdom to her classes through connection and kindness. She has taught thousands of classes to hundreds of students.

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thai yoga massage

You will receive the countless benefits of yoga while the energy lines and mara points are palmed and thumbed, your body stretched and toned. Thai massage improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, increases metabolism, and boosts the immune system through effortless relaxation.

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the healing seed

The Healing Seed is a selfless charitable organization, bringing harmony and balance to the planet by healing the inner level of the individual, clearing from within and radiating truth and compassion to serve humanity the basics.

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chocolate mistico

Based on the system of food medicine, utilizing local wildcrafted ingredients when possible, raw, organic high quality superfoods and herbs, and non GMO ingredients. Each handmade chocolate is also mantra infused and cultivated with love.

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acu harmony & health

Acu Harmony & Health opened in 2001 as Stony Plain’s first yoga studio, operated by a mother and daughter team: Lacie and Deb. The main services that Acu Harmony offer are yoga and thai massage with over 1000 hours of certifications/courses and 25 years of training and studying. Lacie also operates both The Healing Seed and Chocolate Mistico.

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