About Deb

At the very young age of three I recall curiously watching as my Grandpa performed feats of magic in healing. To see the power he held brought me deep insight into what “could be done” to aid people with their sufferings.That curiosity confirmed that this magic…..this healing…..this energy….exists.

This was the beginning of my journey


At the age of fourteen I began studies in the eastern mindset and importance of health and wellness both physically and mentally.

I realized and studied the impact of super foods, natural products and disciplines in Martial Arts.

In 1985 I delved further into Eastern medicines, arts and sciences beginning with Shiatsu and flowing into Acupressure and Yoga. Practice became a passion, with the results always having me strive to learn, experience, grow and better my knowledge.

I began Acu-Harmony Health in 1990 with a vision of pursuing and maintaining an ability to work with people in a way that heals, strengthens and guides them into a positive lifestyle and mindset.

In addition to Yoga instruction and Acupressure healing I have branched out to include meditation, intuitive life coaching, purification of the mind & body using full spectrum infrared technology healing, instruction of correctional alignment exercises and empowerment work shops.

I have many people to thank for sharing their wisdom and teachings with me over the years. I have cherished every lesson learned, including that the best teacher one can have is the teacher within. It’s the feedback, the sensation within my being that accurately discerns whether I’m in alignment with my true nature.

Debs services & testimonials

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Debs Certifications

Ancient Healing Practices
(1985 – Present)

  • Zen Shiatsu – Medicine Hat College
  • It’s Your Move – Energy systems by Gary Helgeson
  • Acupressure Massage – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Orthobiotomy – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Alchemy of Healing – Sound Therapy by Paul Hubbert
  • Consegrity – Energy Medicine Training Centre
  • Thai Yoga Massage – Lotus Palm
  • Ayurvedic Pulsing – Dr. V. Lad
  • Emotional Release – Dr. V. Lad
  • Purification Program – New Life
  • Detoxification Course – Narcanon, USA
  • Touch for Health – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Kinesiology – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Reiki – Energy Works
  • Cranial Sacral – Up Ledger
  • Reconnective Healing – The Reconnection
  • Tamara Healing – Noriko Kato
  • Healing Hands and Sound Therapy – Rahul Bharti

Yoga Diciplines
(1990 – Present)

  • Acu-Yoga – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Hatha, Okido, Kundalini, Philosophy – Friedel Khattab
  • Raja Kundalini – Yogi Baba Prem
  • Ashtanga – David Swenson, Mark Darby and Manju Jois
  • Therapeutic Yoga – Dhanenjaya Kumar
  • Forrest Yoga – Anna Forrest
  • Therapeutic Back and Heart – David McHammond
  • Yoga Flow – Doug Sewenson
  • Kundalini – Gurmukh Kaur

Disciplines and Training
(1972 – Present)

  • National Coaching Certification Program – NCCP of Alberta
  • Karate – Sensi Sepene
  • Kung Fu – Silent River Kung Fu
  • Qi Gong – Athabasca University
  • Handstand & Strength – Firefly