The Healing Seed

The Healing Seed is a selfless charitable organization, bringing harmony and balance to the planet by healing the inner level of the individual, clearing from within and radiating truth and compassion to serve humanity the basics.

The simplicities of life have great powers and rewards, we aim to create a sacredness and reverence for all life. To heal with love.

Relieve poverty

Provide basic amenities including food, clothing, hope, love and supplies to the homeless, low income, in financial need or of small/limited means. Organic top grade food, supplies, and love is distributed to the people of the street, extending out to children and seniors.

Advance education

Provide books, equipment and educational aids to students attending local and international schools. To establish a resource library for schools. To involve and educate the public on agriculture, such as urban gardening, roof top gardening and our fruit tree plantation project.

To provide entertainment and yoga therapy to sick children in hospitals and senior homes.

To volunteer at youth centres which offer structured programs that educate youth in culinary arts and gardening. To educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by providing performances of an artistic nature in public/non commercial places, senior citizen homes, community centres and educational institutions.


International Development

To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need.

Drinking Water

To improve the quality of drinking water in developing nations by constructing wells and providing clean drinking water at events.


To improve skills in self sufficient agriculture and horticulture and to assist in the preservation of these skills in developing nations.

Disaster Relief

To provide the necessities of life to victims of disaster. To perform hands on work in the most efficient, organic, compassionate process.

Lacie Cosgrove founded The Healing Seed Canada after discovering a similar style of charitable work at The Healing Hands Center in Nepal.

Inspired by Rhaul Bharty who created the original Healing Seed, Lacie became the first person to fully fund and work a street feed, and bring a group to his center in Nepal to train and work with the charity.

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The Healing Seed Canada is the first Healing Seed in a different country than Nepal and was sprouted in Canada with the love Lacie received from her community and her parents.

She felt Canada needed and wanted this organization and as she began working with events and community leaders the Healing Seed quickly planted strong roots. Lacie is a passionate initiator of projects, connecting people who have the want and ability to help to the people in need of help.

Healing Seed Project Gallery

Current Projects

The Fruit Bowl ProgramParkland County Family AidThe Sponsorship ProgramThe Dora Project

The Fruit Bowl Program in Parkland County Canada

Running since 2013

We currently work with four, soon to be five, schools with over twenty amazing and radiant volunteers delivering over 50 bowls to classrooms every Monday. Each bowl contains fresh prepared fruit and vegetables with a back up supply for refills monitored by school staff.

The fruit is intended for children in need, who often come to school without breakfast and/or lunch, for children who have a low nutritional quality of lunch, and for those who forget their lunch. We work with teachers and administrators to ensure the fruit bowl is being used by those in need. Through the testimonials of staff, we know that there are many cases where a child eats because the Fruit Bowl Program exists. In some cases we also provide emergency supply of quality foods for a more staple diet.

School with the Fruit Bowl Program

  • Forest Green
  • Stony Plain Central
  • Parkland Village
  • Connections for Learning
  • Prescott Learning Centre (coming soon)

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers make the Fruit Bowl Program possible. A volunteer positin requires 2-3 hours of time every four weeks, for a full school term. Volunteers are supplied with a schedule that can be changed and switched as needed in order to accommodate everyone. Shopping, cleaning and prepping occurs over the weekend and the fruit bowls are delivered on Monday mornings. Each school has a lead volunteer who serves as the communication contact between volunteers, the school, and the Healing Seed. This program is funded by local sponsorship from ATCO Structures and Logistics, The Saint Andrews Thrift Store, and Superstore, along with other individual donations.

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Parkland County Family Aid

We have been working with a specific family for over four years, providing the children with food, clothing, school supplies and sports. In turn, this family has taken a lead volunteer position with one of the schools for the Fruit Bowl Program.

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The Sponsorship Program in Bucerias, Mexico

In operation since 2014

Name of School: Academia De Ingles Washington

We sponsor single moms or families in need with a full two year diploma program in English, or partial assistance. So far we have sponsored seven students, and thanks to our economic contributions to the school, for every mother that unrolls 2 children, the mother studies for free. All students are carefully selected and interviewed by The Healing Seed and the owner of the school, Saul Robles. We will be sponsoring 3 more for the 2017/2018 school term.

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The Dora Project in Bucerias, Mexico

The Healing Seed is committed to helping single mother Dora get back on her feet after being left suddenly by her husband with no aid. Dora is a mother to a one year old girl and six year old boy, and also has a hearing disability. Dora was brought to the Healing Seed’s attention by a local Mexican family and responded with a six month plan to assist. In the first two months we supplied her with food and covered her rent and other expenses. During the next four months the Healing Seed will pay rent only, as we helped her find childcare and work, and we are in strong communication with her career options. All fundraising efforts were done in Mexico with Canadians visitors and local residents. Lacie offered a yoga class with 100% proceed to the Dora Project, and thanks to the generous volunteers we are succeeding in helping Dora become self sufficient.

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Past and Present Healing Seed Projects

Building a water well in Kathmandu

Relief to the Philippines

Volunteering in Bimini and Mexico

Local Street Feeds

The Fruit Bowl Project

The Dora Project

Hands on/ On Site Relief to Slave Lake Fire Evacuees

The Eli School Project

Sponsorship Programs for English Diploma at the Academia Ingles Washington Escuela in Bucerias, Mexico

Support to the Dolphin Dance Project

Parkland County Family Support