Acu Harmony History

Acu Harmony & Health opened in 2001 as Stony Plain’s first yoga studio. It was and continues to be a place of energy medicine offering yoga classes, ancient therapies, workshops and retreats


Acu Harmony was created by Deb and Lacie Cosgrove, a mother and daughter team who carry over 55 years of combined experience.

Together they operated two studios for over six years, offering dozens of classes per week and hosting workshops and programs from teachers all around the country. Deeply rooted in their community, Lacie and Deb were blessed with hundreds of people taking part in the true essence of yoga and benefit from ancient healing modalities.

Today, Acu Harmony & Health is still located at their original Stony Plain studio, where Deb offers yoga classes, acupressure and Thai yoga massage.

Lacie still teaches yoga and performs Thai Massage in Mexico where she lives most of the year. They both specialize in private yoga lessons and personalized programs both in person and online, and are working on a modular program for advanced yoga teachers. Their journey over the last 16 years has been a harmonious evolution and they continue to embrace the next phase of Acu Harmony as a deeply rooted team. Lacie’s children, Irelynd and Ryver are the next daughters born into the Acu Harmony family, two new branches growing from their strong foundation.

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About Deb

At the age of fourteen I began studies in the eastern mindset and importance of health and wellness both physically and mentally.

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About Lacie

For over 25 years Lacie has devoted herself to understanding ancient practices, to seek growth and wisdom, to enrich lives through her varied offerings, to connect with, support, and heal others.

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