About Deb

At the very young age of three I recall curiously watching as my Grandpa performed feats of magic in healing. To see the power he held brought me deep insight into what “could be done” to aid people with their sufferings.That curiosity confirmed that this magic…..this healing…..this energy….exists.

This was the beginning of my journey


At the age of fourteen I began studies in the eastern mindset and importance of health and wellness both physically and mentally.

I realized and studied the impact of super foods, natural products and disciplines in Martial Arts.

In 1985 I delved further into Eastern medicines, arts and sciences beginning with Shiatsu and flowing into Acupressure and Yoga. Practice became a passion, with the results always having me strive to learn, experience, grow and better my knowledge.

I began Acu-Harmony Health in 1990 with a vision of pursuing and maintaining an ability to work with people in a way that heals, strengthens and guides them into a positive lifestyle and mindset.

In addition to Yoga instruction and Acupressure healing I have branched out to include meditation, intuitive life coaching, purification of the mind & body using full spectrum infrared technology healing, instruction of correctional alignment exercises and empowerment work shops.

I have many people to thank for sharing their wisdom and teachings with me over the years. I have cherished every lesson learned, including that the best teacher one can have is the teacher within. It’s the feedback, the sensation within my being that accurately discerns whether I’m in alignment with my true nature.

Debs services & testimonials

Private Sessions Public Yoga Classes - Acu Kundalini Yoga Acupressure Massage Therapy Testimonials

Deb’s philosophy stands strong in utilizing the tools of yoga and movement as a modality for healing.

When there is dysfunction in the body it can lead to un-ease, discomfort, pain or even long-term injury. Though, through therapeutic yoga, correctional exercises, breath and mindfulness one can restore ideal function back into their body, re-establishing sustainable movement patterns and as a result learn to move in practice and in life with ease and efficiency. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, an athlete, a yoga teacher, looking for physical relief, or emotional balance each session will be individually customized to suit your body and needs.

With an emphasis on whole body integration, Deb focuses one on one to determine the most effective sequence of rehabiliting exercises. Each client is supported through these movements so to elevate body awareness and understanding which gives them the tools to explore their personalized series at home between each session. As strength, mobility and stability increase, one’s customized sequence is adapted to further support the evolution back to well being. The tools that one will acquire through private sessions are life long and can continue to support their bodies and minds even after private sessions are no longer required.

Yoga means union, it is the yoking of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

It is an ancient healing system and is one of the many ways to aid the practitioner on a liberated path. Acu-Kundalini yoga incorporates the philosophies of Yoga, Acupressure, Ayurveda and Kundalini resulting in a holistic and well-rounded practice to support one’s greater wellbeing and inner poise.

An Acu-Kundalini Yoga class emphasizes alignment and safety allowing one to experience the practice at a pace that serves them.

It is a progressive class style with themed sessions (such as lungs, kidneys, the lymphatic or nervous system) that revolve around the needs of the students attending and the seasons. There is an element of repetition in each class to support the stability of the mind and to increase the effectiveness of the postures and sequences focused on during each theme.

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing art which regulates our health, relieves pain, rebalances the flow of internal energy and improves physical and mental well-being.

Acupressure deals with the cause of an issue, rather than the symptoms. It aids the body in its own healing process. Acupressure and Acupuncture utilize the same pressure points and meridians, the difference is that Acupuncture uses needles, while Acupressure uses pressure through the thumbs, palms, or elbows and integrates many other therapies such as Craniosacral Therapy.

“With more than 30 years of practicing and studying, the power of Acupressure continues to amaze and excite me.” — Debbie Siddons

I have been taking classes from Deb off and on for the last nine years. Her and her daughter Lacie have been such a positive influence on my life. I suffered from extreme pain in my back from my job and through yoga I was able to lessen my daily pain and increase my flexibility. Recently I fell and shattered my ankle. When I was able to walk again after surgery I returned to yoga and within a few short months I went from being unable to sit cross legged on the floor to walking without a limp. The surgeon was astonished at my recovery and told me it was due to my yoga that I had regained so much flexibility and strength in such a short time. There are many good things I can say about Deb and Lacie. I am so lucky to know them.

Naomi from Stony Plain

I have been a student and client of Debs for over a decade and I have spent much of that time immersed in yoga and the various modalities of healing as a student and teacher, yet it never ceases to amaze me the invested wisdom that Deb embodies. As a healer and massage therapist Deb carries over 30 years of experiential knowledge, all of which is applied intelligently in every session. She carries an innate ability to listen to the subtleties of the body, responding intuitively with the most serving technique and energetic expression and in return the body responds with ease and release. All the while addressing the whole body as a complete system in every massage. Time and time again I am fascinated by her inherent ability and have yet to experience the totality Deb offers in each session with any other therapist.

Beyond the massage table Deb is a Yoga Therapist, skilled in sequencing correctional exercises and postures to restore optimal and sustainable movement and strength back into the body. She carries a refined eye for alignment that aids her clients in their safe progression through the customized program she has developed for them. Having worked with her closely myself, I have come to discover that the progressive tools she teaches and provides are key to health and longevity, in addition they have completely altered the way I experience well-being. Through our sessions Deb has taught me to witness the degree of subtly in the body by cultivating step by step awareness and mind-body communication. I believe that one of the greatest benefits that Deb offers is her recognition that we must approach the body as a whole. Though we may focus on one area of the body, we need to continuously attune to how those shifts may affect the rest of the body. It is with this intention that I have experienced such great success when working with Deb one on one. All in all I am extremely grateful to Deb and all that she has offered me as I navigate through the journey of well-being and Self.

April from Mantra Yoga, Edmonton

“I go to yoga because it helps me improve my wellbeing. It improves my flexibility and helps me deal with every day stress. In yoga, I learn how to use muscles that I never knew I had. Debbie never lets you go through the motions whether you do something one hundred times or five times, you have to do the movement or pose correctly. Yoga helps me stay healthy and keeps my mind and body balanced.”

Age 14

“Acu-Harmony and Health has a very comfortable and inviting atmosphere. No matter what your age is or ability is, yoga can be for everybody. Debbie is a devoted yoga teacher and always has your best interests at heart, Debbie would never ask you to do anything she couldn’t do herself. No matter how many years you have been in yoga there is always something new to learn. Just when you think you have the pose figures out, Debbie challenges you to hold your pose longer or get deeper into the pose. Whether you have been a yogi for years, or just starting out, Acu-Harmony and Health makes you feel welcome.”

Age 45

“My husband and I have benefited wonderfully from body work sessions with Deb. Her massages have become an important piece to our overall health and wellbeing. Whenever we have issues that arise or need assistance, Deb will give us corrective exercises to do. These help in between sessions for continuous maintenance. As a long time student, Acu Harmony & Health has become my yoga home and family. It is where I found my Dharma and my path. It’s where I can get what I want and a whole lot of what I need. Debbie is an amazing, authentic yoga teacher. Anyone would benefit from seeing Deb. Her approach to sharing yoga is from a “How can I help?” point of view, seeing more than what’s on the outside. Her classes create space and inspire us to do the work deeply inside. I highly recommend everyone I know or meet to check out Acu/Debbie”

Shandel Parsons

“I have been seeing Debbie for almost 2 years now. When I first came in I was suffering from debilitating migraine headaches. These were occurring 2-3 times weekly. I had been for several appointments with a neurologist and tried several different medications. Although the medications were working to ease a headache, (if I managed to take them soon enough), they were not helping the frequency of the headaches. I booked an appointment with Debbie on the advice of a friend who had therapeutic massage after a car accident. I started out getting a full body massage weekly for several weeks, then slowly tapered down my visits to once monthly. After the first two weeks my headaches began to decrease in frequency and severity. I now only have occasional migraine headaches less than once a month. Because of the high cost of the migraine medications (even with a health insurance policy), I actually save money by paying for a monthly massage with Debbie. I now classify my monthly massage as a necessity, not a luxury, as it is an integral part of keeping healthy and pain free!”

Amy M.

Debs Certifications

Ancient Healing Practices
(1985 – Present)

  • Zen Shiatsu – Medicine Hat College
  • It’s Your Move – Energy systems by Gary Helgeson
  • Acupressure Massage – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Orthobiotomy – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Alchemy of Healing – Sound Therapy by Paul Hubbert
  • Consegrity – Energy Medicine Training Centre
  • Thai Yoga Massage – Lotus Palm
  • Ayurvedic Pulsing – Dr. V. Lad
  • Emotional Release – Dr. V. Lad
  • Purification Program – New Life
  • Detoxification Course – Narcanon, USA
  • Touch for Health – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Kinesiology – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Reiki – Energy Works
  • Cranial Sacral – Up Ledger
  • Reconnective Healing – The Reconnection
  • Tamara Healing – Noriko Kato
  • Healing Hands and Sound Therapy – Rahul Bharti

Yoga Diciplines
(1990 – Present)

  • Acu-Yoga – Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta
  • Hatha, Okido, Kundalini, Philosophy – Friedel Khattab
  • Raja Kundalini – Yogi Baba Prem
  • Ashtanga – David Swenson, Mark Darby and Manju Jois
  • Therapeutic Yoga – Dhanenjaya Kumar
  • Forrest Yoga – Anna Forrest
  • Therapeutic Back and Heart – David McHammond
  • Yoga Flow – Doug Sewenson
  • Kundalini – Gurmukh Kaur

Disciplines and Training
(1972 – Present)

  • National Coaching Certification Program – NCCP of Alberta
  • Karate – Sensi Sepene
  • Kung Fu – Silent River Kung Fu
  • Qi Gong – Athabasca University
  • Handstand & Strength – Firefly