I have known Lacie for over 16 years. She offers a level of experience, skill and knowledge of exceptional quality, bringing a deep level of study, insight and practice to her teachings. She not only has immersed herself in the teachings, but lives the teachings as part of her daily life, which is an essential quality for a true teacher. Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow with rough her programs and lectures.

YOGI BABA PREM Founder/Director of Universal Yoga & The Vedic Path. Florida, USA

Thank you so very much for this simply beautiful experience here in Bimini. Your knowledge, love and kindness are so appreciated.”
T.Z. AB,Canada

The children of Yelapa warmed my heart and I really want to participate in The Healing Seed more.”
K.G. AB, Canada

I loved every aspect of this retreat. It was full of laughter, new friendships, connections with local people, tears, physical and emotional challenges, fun, adventure and learning and sharing. You have the gift of teaching with caring and love, your knowledge and experience leave me in awe.
L.S. Sask. Canada

Thank you for all your hard work, energy, chocolate, elixirs, the devotion and attention…thank you for being 100% available.
S.B. AB, Canada

Yoga & Therapies

Well trained and practiced. Effective, can be strong or subtle as needed.
A.C. AB, Canada

The healing modalities I received from you feel deep and healing. I have also always come away feeling peaceful and more connected.
S.B., AB, Canada

I have only had 1 Thai Yoga Massage, you instinctively know where to work on the body. When I took my Reiki Master training with you I felt the strength of your energy, you listen very well to your guides and have a knowing well beyond your years.
C.R. AB, Canada

One of my favorite things about having a session with you is that I do not have to request much, if anything. You have a such a strong intuition that even after a few sentences you can pick up on what my body and mind need. Overall all my sessions have been therapeutic. You deliver fast results. You help me affirm what I already know, and guide me in the direction I need to go to provide my body and mind nourishment and repair. I leave my sessions feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and well rested.
K.S. AB, Canada

You can work any theme and any group of people. I have witnessed you with seniors, kids, athletes like gymnasts, dancers, and hockey players. As well as pregnant people and people with injuries.
S.P. AB, Canada

The Healing Seed

I personally donate to the Healing Seed because I know that the help will get to the place of need, I have no doubts where my money is going because you have integrity and loyalty to the cause. I also strongly believe in your philosophy on financial aid.
C.R. AB, Canada

Humanitarian. You are also an advocate for the truth and change. It is not about a hand up vs a hand out, it’s about you making sure a hand is extended, plain and simple.
K.S. AB, Canada