Chocolate Mistico

Raw organic medicinal handmade chocolate & elixirs. We invite you to explore your tastebuds with the exotic taste of Chocolate Mistico.

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Chocolate Mistico is based on the system of food medicine, utilizing local wildcrafted ingredients when possible, raw, organic high quality superfoods and herbs, and non GMO ingredients.

Each handmade chocolate is also mantra infused and cultivated with love. It is recommended to chew the chocolate over 20 times per bite, or to allow it to melt in your mouth in order to absorb the benefits of the ingredients including the primary ingredient: cacao.


Chocolate comes from the seeds and nuts of the Cacao. Cacao is the raw natural form of Chocolate from an indigenous jungle fruit tree.

In history, Cacao beans were used instead of gold as money by Mayans and Aztecs. This jungle tree is in season year round which means we can enjoy chocolate all the time! In it’s natural habitat, the fruit pod can take 5-6 months to ripen and grows up to 8 inches in length. Raw Cacao beans are extremely high in antioxidant favonols, one of the richest sources of any food.

Raw organic chocolate contains magnesium and antioxidants.

It also acts as a laxative, calms menstruation, encourages muscle relaxation and bone building, increases energy, enhances mood, decreases appetite, and alleviates depression.




Chocolate Mistico also creates elixirs.

Elixirs are a liquid combination of superfoods and herbs that are delicious, nutrient rich, and fulfilling like a meal. They are an easy upgrade from smoothies and act as an alchemic vehicle to deliver natural medicine.

Co-founder and chocolate alchemist, Lacie is a Red Seal Culinary chef who has over 10 years of professional kitchen experience, including cooking at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World, Florida.

She carries Food and Sanitation certification and ensures a high level of cleanliness and professionalism with all products.

Chocolate Mistico creations are available in Bucerias, Mexico,  where Lacie lives 8 months of the year, and by custom order for delivery or pick up.  Available in Canada as a summer treat. Chocolate Mistico workshops and home parties are also available, either to entertain/demonstrate or educate hands on in the home or at an event. Chocolate Mistico can be pre-ordered in large or small quantities, customized for your liking or for a special event such as a yoga retreat, workshop or birthday party.

Frequently asked questions

How do I order?

Please call, text or email Lacie to place an order. Please note that orders must be a minimum of one dozen chocolates.

Where do I pick up the order?

Orders can be collected from Lacie’s Mexico home, or at Acu Harmony & Health in Stony Plain, Alberta.

What is the best way to travel with chocolate?

True raw chocolate melts or softens at room temperature so bring an ice pack and an insulated lunch bag to keep chocolate very cold. This is only necessary if you don’t eat it all on the way home!

Where can I view the menu?

The chocolate menu is posted on Facebook.  The menu is always changing based on season, local availability, and which ingredients are fresh, raw and inspired. Lacie uses her intuition and creativity in the kitchen, resulting in unique combinations. Get in touch to talk to speak with Lacie about current menu, a custom order, or let her surprise you!