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Bridging students from around the world to create a peaceful space for you to practice yoga in the comfort of your home, or along your travels.

Kundalini yoga online naturally evolved from the requests of many yoga practioners and students of spirituaity, over several years. Kundalini is an ancient system of enhancing human radiance through postures and breathing techniques, a technology to happiness.

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Kundalini focuses on healing by incorporating mantra, mudra, bandhas, asanas and marma points. It can be dynamic and static or uplifting and calming, but always powerful.

Relaxation is an important foundational element towards achieving meditation. Once in a relaxed state, Dharana (concentration) is used for training the mind. Dhyana is the Sanskrit word for meditation, the verbal root being dhi or dhya, meaning to think. The mind is fixed during meditation, though specific mental activity is ushered to quietness. A focused thought and a powerful concentration leads to inquiry. This journey is ignited with awareness to the breath.




Classes are live streamed for you to join using your phone, computer or other device. In addition to the live classes, classes are also recorded so you can review or re-watch a class if you wish to practice later or if you missed a class. Please follow the link below to enter the Namastream studio. Create an account if you do not have one already, then visit the Shop to view the online yoga classes offered.  Select and purchase your class, then you will be sent a confirmation email. Class registration lasts for 2 months, from the date of registration.

How to connect

1. Log in to your Namastream account a few minutes prior to class start time, using your computer, laptop, or Android device with the Chrome or Firefox operating system. Pleas note that live-streaming does not work on iPhones or iPads.
2. Open Google Chrome or Firefox
3. Login to the Acu studio here.
4. Click on your “Events” tab in the top right corner to see all of your upcoming events listed
5. At the designated start time, click the “Join Session” button. The button will remain grey until the live-stream begins
6. When the session is over, click “cancel” in the top left corner to leave the session


If the student doesn’t have any events listed, either they haven’t purchased a product that includes a live-stream event or you have not yet created an event in the product they purchased.

If the “Join Session’ button remains grey for the student, it means you haven’t started the session yet or if you have started the session, they may need to refresh the page.

If they receive an error that says “Your browser is incompatible”, they are trying to access the live-stream using a browser other than Chrome. They must access Google Chrome and login to your studio from Chrome and access the live-stream.

The Healing Seed is a selfless charitable organization, bringing harmony and balance to the planet.


We do this by healing the inner level of the individual, clearing from within and radiating truth and compassion to serve humanity the basics. The simplicities of life have great powers and rewards, we aim to create a sacredness and reverence for all life. To heal with love.

The Healing Seed Canada is the first Healing Seed in a different country than Nepal and was sprouted in Canada with the love Lacie received from her community and her parents.



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Yoga for Peaceful Mind Online Video

Invite yourself to a peaceful space through yoga in a general community class style setting in the beautiful jungle alongside the ocean in Nayarit, Mexico. Beginner/intermediate level.