Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is currently unavailable while Lacie is living in Bahrain. Check back for future availability.

This Ayurvedic based body science is performed on a blanketed floor in loose clothing, allowing for ease of movement as you are physically guided through a series of yoga postures.

You will receive the countless benefits of yoga while the energy lines and Mara points are palmed and thumbed, your body stretched and toned. Thai massage improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, increases metabolism, and boosts the immune system through effortless relaxation and the practice of Metta: the act of loving kindness. It is an energetic experience that leaves the body feeling rejuvenated, grounded and balanced.

Lacie harnesses her deep knowledge of ancient modalities and her intuitive nature in order to deliver physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Her training in Thai Yoga Massage began with Lotus Palm, in Montreal, and continued to the Healing Hands Centre of Kathmandu, Nepal. She has continued to broaden her learning in Canada and the USA with over 1000 hours of certifications and training. The broadness of her learning has given her an incredibly strong understanding of the human body’s workings and energetics.



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Not currently available


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Other services

Childrens cosmic massage Sound therapy Shirodhara Cupping

Thai Yoga Massage shaped to meet the needs of a child.

The result – a peaceful and rejuvenated child! Ages 12 and under.


Sound Therapy is incorporated into Thai Yoga Massage using Tibetan metal bowls. This is a unique healing technique that allows sound to travel deep into the body to arrange energy and deepen your journey.

The sun, the moon, and the Kundalini line can be charged and balanced, and the chakras cleared and energized using a variety of bowl placements and sequences. Bathing the body in a sound vibration eases the mind into deep relaxation. The bowls used in Lacie’s studio are from Tibet, a precious gift from Rahul Bharti from the Healing Hands Centre in Kathmandu.

Shirodhara is a body therapy which allows a steady stream of warm oil to flow on the third eye, located on the forehead, and over the top of the head.

Rooted in Ayurvedic medicine, it is a profound and relaxing mind melting sacred treatment that starts and ends with mara therapy and massage. Shirodhara is a sanskrit word translating to ‘the flowing of oil like a thread on the head’. Benefits include reduced head and neck disorders, stress reduction, relief from insomnia, fatigue, anger, rheumatism, hypertension, anxiety, headaches, asthma, and hair problems. This treatment also opens the third eye, heightens the senses, increases intuition, activates memory, regulates moods, increases spiritual awareness and rejuvenates the entire face. Please note, makeup must be removed prior to receiving Shirodhara and a shower is included afterwards. Please bring a hair tower to wrap under the neck after treatment.


Cupping is a deep tissue therapy that releases toxins by using small glasses or bamboo jars as suction devices on the skin.

Once suction is achieved on the tissue, the cup may remain still or be glided across the skin depending on the client’s need. Cupping is offered in combination with relaxation massage for maximum effect. This treatment relaxes muscles, encourages blood flow, sedates the nervous system, relieves back and neck pain, relieves headaches, reduces cellulite, aligns prana energy, improves the health of the lungs, and clears congestion and respiratory conditions.