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Online Yoga is taught by Lacie. Lacie brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her teaching style which is both comprehensive and transformative.

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Mantra Monday

8:30 – 9:00am MST

Set the frequency of your week with a short and sweet Yoga sequence that begins with awakening the body with dynamic asana and evolves into meditation and mantra.

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Warrior Wednesday

8:30 – 9:30am MST

An invigorating Yoga practice inspired by Forrest Yoga and Vedic Roots. Physical intensity. Emotional cleansing. Spiritual Purification.

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Temple Breath Thursday

8:30 – 9:30pm MST

Our body is our temple. Our breath is the key to unlocking freedom within. Prepare for a blissful sleep with Kundalini Yoga techniques. Restore vital energy with long holding postures and breathing exploration.

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Bridging students from around the world to create a peaceful space for you to practice yoga in the comfort of your home, or along your travels.


Yoga online naturally evolved from the requests of many yoga practioners and students of spirituaity, over several years.

I am listening, I have always been listening. There is not an ounce of force in this endeavor to bring you onine yoga, only a power through grand inspiration. I am thrilled to have the opportinuty to share and practice the ancient science of yoga with you. The old student tribe from Acu Harmony & Health are cherished in my heart, and the embracing of the new students in Mexico have both built a natural rhythm of inspiration. Are you all ready to meet?

Kundalini is an ancient system of enhancing human radiance through postures and breathing techniques, a technology to happiness.

Kundalini focuses on healing by incorporating mantra, mudra, bandhas, asanas and marma points. It can be dynamic and static or uplifting and calming, but always powerful.

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Mantra Yoga

A tool to aid in a journey to freedom. Mantra (or chanting) activates expansions, depths, and an openness to connection to the cosmos, working with subtle energy in a way that is powerful and effective. Mantras come from the Sanskrit language, the divine language of yoga, and act as an ancient spiritual formula to awaken one to higher intelligence and help set one free. Mantra can also be used to improve our karma and offers numerous additional benefits.