Yoga with Lacie

Yoga is yoga. Yoga is for everyone.

Should yoga be soft or fast, intense or relaxing, yin or yang, rajastic or tamastic?

The answer is yes. Lacie’s approach to yoga is with the intention of creating harmony in the individual. Her yoga formula which is rooted in authentic ancient practices is developed and adjusted based on the needs of the students, the climate and season, the energetic impact of the local environment, and with knowledge and intuition. The outcome is to guide each person to the sattvic state of pure essence with a sense of freedom.

Honouring the ancient principles of yoga and devoted to enhancing the health and knowledge of her students in a supportive environment, Lacie brings centuries of wisdom to her classes through connection and kindness. She has taught thousands of classes to hundreds of students and has a deep-rooted ability and desire to help others wherever they may be in their journey of life. Everyone is welcome.

“I have invested well over 1000 hours of certifications and courses, over 500 hours in Sadhanas, and over 25 years of training and study to meet myself. And I still feel like I am getting to know myself. I am still growing, evolving, studying, engaging in everything and anything that enhances my connection to the harmonics of the base line of our existence. To offer a greater contribution to the peace within, the peace of our community, planet, and universe. To devote myself as a student and teacher of graceful transformation in the foundation of kindness and strength. There is a beauty in awakening oneself to awareness, there is a balance of energies when we take action towards truth. There is a flavour of tranquility when walking the yogic path.” – Lacie Cosgrove

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

  • Releases stress
  • Increases concentration & self awareness
  • Brings aliveness to the cells of the body
  • Purifies the mind, body and spirit
  • Increases flexibility, strength, blood flow and stamina
  • Balances hormones and glandular systems
  • Harmonizes organs
  • Strengthens immunity, confidence and willpower
  • Perfects posture and improves bone health
  • Ignites a healthy, peaceful lifestyle and projects positive vibes into all aspects of life
  • Promotes healing and personal growth

Types of Yoga

Private Yoga Lessons

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Thai Yoga Massage

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Unique Styles of Yoga

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Online Yoga

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