Private Yoga Lessons

Private lessons are progressive (for all levels) and ceremonial.

Lesson structure usually adheres to a theme for 2-3 moon cycles to allow opportunity

  • To grow, alter habit, dive into the richness and levels of yourself, the pranayam, asana, theory and applications.
  • To understand structural integrity specifically for your body, remove deeper toxins and metaphysical debris.
  • To allow the body to relish in the magic of dedication and repetition, incorporate the foundations, and allow time to build student teacher relationship so healing can occur with trust.

Deb’s philosophy stands strong in utilizing the tools of yoga and movement as a modality for healing.

When there is dysfunction in the body it can lead to un-ease, discomfort, pain or even long-term injury. Though, through therapeutic yoga, correctional exercises, breath and mindfulness one can restore ideal function back into their body, re-establishing sustainable movement patterns and as a result learn to move in practice and in life with ease and efficiency. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, an athlete, a yoga teacher, looking for physical relief, or emotional balance each session will be individually customized to suit your body and needs.

With an emphasis on whole body integration, Deb focuses one on one to determine the most effective sequence of rehabiliting exercises. Each client is supported through these movements so to elevate body awareness and understanding which gives them the tools to explore their personalized series at home between each session. As strength, mobility and stability increase, one’s customized sequence is adapted to further support the evolution back to well being. The tools that one will acquire through private sessions are life long and can continue to support their bodies and minds even after private sessions are no longer required.

*Additional fees will apply for travel time and prices fluctuate with a concierge service