Unique Styles of Yoga

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Inspired by Forrest Yoga SUP Yoga Divine Dragons

Kundalini is an ancient system of enhancing human radiance through postures and breathing techniques, a technology to happiness.

Kundalini focuses on healing by incorporating mantra, mudra, bandhas, asanas and marma points. It can be dynamic and static or uplifting and calming, but always powerful.

Relaxation is an important foundational element towards achieving meditation. Once in a relaxed state, Dharana (concentration) is used for training the mind. Dhyana is the Sanskrit word for meditation, the verbal root being dhi or dhya, meaning to think. The mind is fixed during meditation, though specific mental activity is ushered to quietness. A focused thought and a powerful concentration leads to inquiry. This journey is ignited with awareness to the breath.

Mantra Yoga

Lacie specializes in Mantra Yoga: a tool to aid in a journey to freedom. Mantra (or chanting) activates expansions, depths, and an openness to connection to the cosmos, working with subtle energy in a way that is powerful and effective. Mantras come from the Sanskrit language, the divine language of yoga, and act as an ancient spiritual formula to awaken one to higher intelligence and help set one free. Mantra can also be used to improve our karma and offers numerous additional benefits.


Forrest Yoga is comprised of intense and vigorous sequences with long holding poses rooted in breath, strength, integrity, spirit and awakening.

A deep connection to your core is used to engage specific yoga abdominals that will help you become centred, strong and prepared. Strength and flexibility is not a requirement, simply bring a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. Forrest Yoga is a powerful method used to access your whole being and find clarity off the mat in your daily life.

SUP Yoga is yoga performed on a stand up paddle board on open water.

Challenging and very fun, SUP invites the element of water into yoga practice on a floating mat. Learn the proper technique and movement of paddle boarding while practicing the smooth flow of yoga for an invigorating experience outdoors in nature.

Lacie is the co owner of Northshore SUP Yoga Surf and offers signature classes at Allan Beach in Alberta ranging from Peaceful Paddle Meditation, Inspired by Forrest Yoga Flow, and Creative Core. She also facilitates fellow yoga instructors to share their skills on the water by teaching SUP Yoga complete with equipment rentals, safety awareness and basic paddle technique in a fun and collaborative setting. Lacie is also available for private group sessions in Bucerias, Mexico. If you are interested in SUP Yoga in either Alberta or Mexico, please contact Lacie for more details.

Divine Dragons has been created and stimulated by my experience teaching yoga to children for more than 10 years and threading yoga into my children’s lives.

Please enjoy, participate and be encouraged by a new series of online posts and events to invite yoga into your lifestyle, both for your children, and as a family together. Yoga does not require a special quiet studio. Introduce yoga into your home and enjoy the fun. Divine Dragons’ topics of discussion will range from child friendly yoga poses, benefits, peaceful meditations, creating a Sadhana (a short term cycle of practice, a personal commitment) for your child and family, children’s perspective on yoga and our world, supporting and balancing sports, overcoming challenges and more!

Both of my daughters received mantra while in the womb, assisted yoga as a baby, and yoga practice as a child. Ryver is 3 years old and Irelynd is 6. I share yoga with them to give them the tools to thrive with balance and brilliance as they grow and adapt to society. Yoga and meditation have such powerful benefits and can turn into a skill set that children can use for their whole lives.

Spontaneous yoga classes can happen in your home with your children if you integrate them and lead by example a yogic lifestyle. It’s certainly not all dreamy and blissful. They fight, cry and resist and sometimes steam roll each other in the middle of a practice. They may yell, scream, toss yoga props. Sometimes we roll out our mats and don’t even make it to the first yoga pose or meditation. Its not perfect but it’s worth it. It’s worth the effort and continued practice because it’s worth it to be truly happy.

Do we, as mothers, do the same internally at times? Do we steam roll right over top of our feelings? Do we feel resistance? If we are not building a relationship to ourselves, how do we build a relationship to our children? An interesting contemplation.

Check out the Acu Harmony Facebook page here for posts on Divine Dragons. Online support will be offered for free and families and teachers are encouraged to participate and share your thoughts.